Short Term Revolving Credit Facility (“STRCF”)


STRCF is an unsecured or secured revolving term loan used for your daily business operations and working capital requirements. The loan could be drawdown in different tranches and operates on a revolving basis.

Product Features

1.      Interest payable at the end of each interest period

2.      Flexible interest periods

3.      tenor shall be less than 1Y

Eligible Applicants

Applicable to all business entities registered in Cambodia, particularly to private limited companies and public companies for your short term working capital requirement. 

Documents Required

1.      Application form for Banking Facilities (can be obtained from the Bank)

2.      Company and Business Profile

3.      Certificate of Incorporation (if any)

4.      Memorandum and Articles of Association, Directors’ Resolution

5.      Past 3 years audited financial reports and latest financial reports

6.      Other relevant documents that may be required by the Bank from time to time

Application Procedures

To apply for Revolving Credit Facility, please contact our Corporate Banking Department (023988886)